Thursday, July 19, 2012

Edmodo...another great tool in my classroom!

When I was in 1st grade several years ago (about 4 years), I stumbled upon a great tool that I have absolutely loved! Edmodo is that tool and I have not looked back. Now that I am working with bilingual students (2nd-3rd), it has transformed my classroom into a 21st century hub. My students have  benefitted from the various tools and now apps that Edmodo has introduced this past year. The platform is very similar to Facebook's and allows students to work inside a safe and secure environment. This past year, my students created their first short video in GoAnimate within Edmodo as a practice video. The beauty of it was being able to facilitate their learning as they became in charge of creating their video without any help from me. Here is a snippet of a few of those videos. I gave the students the choice of creating their video in the language of their preference. So some may have chosen spanish. Take a look at Chelsea's end of the year party video. Hers is great!