Thursday, July 12, 2012

Talking Heads Activity Using Mobile Devices

The "talking heads" activity was such a fun way for my students to explore the world of "animals talking". It was towards the end of the school year and one of our big units in 2nd grade is "oceans". We had just received a grant for 20 itouch's to be split among 4 teachers so my wheels started spinning as to how I was going to use these wonderful mobile devices in my classroom. I have a friend who teaches 7th grade Texas History at one of our middle schools who had her students create the very same type of activity in her Texas History class so I was immediately INSPIRED and wanted to do the same type of activity with my students. So I used my iphone to video the mouth of each one of my students talking about their favorite ocean animal. I took each video and uploaded it to imovie and the students had to draw their ocean animal as big as they could before we could use it over their picture. Here's just one example of that was magical to see their expressions! You can also upload the videos straight into YouTube if you have a 4 or 4s iphone generation. My videos are all stored there in my classroom videos folder.