Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting Ready For Another School Year

Yesterday I had a great day of PD. I connected with some awesome leaders on Twitter, got my Edmodo Library in tip top shape and watched some great videos on YouTube and Sliderocket. As I reflect back on my last year and what that looked like, I can only wonder what else could I have done to connect my students even more so. This summer I have been involved in some great technology workshops that have recharged and inspired me to break down those walls in my classroom and really connect with my students so that their learning is meaningful to them. I came across this video from one of my Twitter followers that has done just the kind of teacher that facilitates the learner and lets the learner teach me a few things! I hope this video will inspire you to break down a few walls in your classroom. I want to thank my friend Dave Guymon for inspiring me this next school year.