Monday, September 3, 2012

First Week of Back To School!

Oh my goodness, where do I start! Our first week was such a busy week for my 3rd graders as I welcomed 20 students to my classroom, whom I loop with so it was great to see that they remembered so many of our routines and rules. But this year I have 5 new students new to our district, 2 who are immigrants to our country and twin girls, so welcoming them to our school and classroom can be a challenge. I immediately paired them up with a buddy to begin learning our procedures and expectations but by Wednesday, my poor feet and voice were gone! Looping with your students sure does make those back to school activities flow smoother. I began the week with a QR code scavenger hunt about what some of their favorite summer activities were. My students were very familiar using the itouch's and my ipad that they needed very little instruction. Here you will see them scanning the QR codes I had created ahead of time. I numbered them so that when they answered the question, they would know where to write that on their notebook paper. I created 5 questions for them to answer. Next week we will create a poll on Edmodo on our class findings. There are many QR code apps out there but our favorite is Neoreader and icandy mobile. I have 5 itouch's in my classroom plus an ipad that can be rotated in groups while the other students are working on something else. This year I will be implementing the Google Apps for education at the elementary level in my district so I will be posting those activities here as well and tweeting them out. You can follow my class @lackeysloopers or my twitter handle which you will find here on my blog. Happy first few weeks:)