Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rock This Year Like Its Dynomite 2012-13

Its been a crazy and a very long 3 weeks already but we still managed to have some fun with some new apps in the classroom that we will be using this year. One of my favorite apps is Movie360. It basically works like a mini-imovie program that students can use in the classroom when they are making short movies, interviews, scavenger hunts, etc. It lets you choose different background settings and very user friendly for young learners. The cool features are great! It keeps an archive of all your projects created and lets you upload movies to your camera roll on your computer! Here is a sample of how we feel about this upcoming year! Try it out and you can see how it can benefit your classroom. This year's 3rd grade bilingual students are going to "rock this year like its dynomite" using various mobile devices in our classroom!