Saturday, October 27, 2012

Global Read Aloud 2012 Project!

The last few weeks, my students and I have been participating in the Global Read 2012 Project "The One and Only Ivan" in Edmodo, which was launched this October with tons of other classrooms from around the world. It has opened up doors unimaginable with the use of 21st century technology and mobile device learning. Here I will showcase projects that my students will create and share with other learners. Several of the projects lined up for this event will be persuasive writing, inferencing, character analysis and how that creates deep rooted feelings for the reader, all in google docs, habitat research on Asian elephants and the silverback gorilla and creating a habitat for these two animals, creating QR codes that will inform learners about these endangered species and participate in a google hangout with other classes who have also been part of this global project, using YouTube to show videos of these two main characters in the story, Ivan and Ruby, as a way to inform the learner about the real life situations with elephants and gorillas. We are still in the process of finishing up the book but my students have already began their learning. More to come as we explore the world of Ivan and Ruby!