Sunday, November 11, 2012

Project Launch with Google Docs

As we begin our project launch project with the global read aloud "The One and Only Ivan",  students quickly learned how to use google docs for their research on the  "One and Only Ivan. Here are the steps:

  • We began our project with a little research on the animal the students chose (an elephant or gorilla). Students also checked out books from the library
  • I created a simple fill in the blank template on the animal's habitat and shared it with the students in google docs
  • Students filled out a hard copy of the template first before going to the lab by using their books, sites mentioned
  • Students logged into their gmail account and went to their "shared with me" tab on the left side
  • The students made a copy of the template and added it to their drive so that they could have editing rights
  • They began typing their research by going to two sites shared previously in class: and National Geographic For Kids. These sites are also written in their technology folder where sites, logins and passwords are kept to use throughout the past 2 years (I am a looping teacher). Students used the hard copy they filled out in class prior to going to the lab to transfer research onto their template in google docs
  • Students began typing into their document which took about 30-40 minutes in one of our two computer labs. 
Here you can see students working in their google doc and using the sites to gather their research for their story.