Friday, November 16, 2012

Sharing YouTube Links With Students

As we continue our  project with The One and Only Ivan global read aloud, I shared videos with my students on the real Ivan at the Atlanta Zoo and Shirley the Elephant so that they could make the connection to the characters in the story. These videos were found on YouTube so I shared the links on a google document with my students so that they could be able to watch the videos any time they wanted to or refer to them for further research. The problem with this lesson is that the students will not be able to view videos because they will be blocked from YouTube. So another solution could be to upload the videos to and take that link and share it with the students. Just one way to share YouTube videos with your students. The students loved making those connections to the characters in the book and gave them a sense of closer to Ivan and Ruby. We were saddened to know that the real Ivan at the Atlanta Zoo had passed away this summer at the age of 50. The students felt like they had lost their best friend and so did I!