Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its A Digital Learning Day for 12-12-12

Once again Twitter comes to my rescue. About 2 weeks ago I encountered a post by one of my connections, Paula Naugle, 4th grade teacher and who also leads the #4thchat discussions. She created a global activity where students from all over the country would share their 12 Favorite Things stories, blogs, digital projects, you name it! I of course jumped on it and decided to join all the others across the globe. So I began designing lessons that would not only be engaging but also content rich. Last year, my students began using Kidblog with author Bryan Chick. I had started reading his book series "The Secret Zoo" which took us into a world full of rich technology. The students right away noticed the change of the homepage and quickly thought, "now what do we do?" No surprises I noticed on their end. They logged in and did a great job posting their 12 favorite things I had assigned to them the night before. They chose the categories and created a list of 12 things. They got the chance to explore with color, highlighting words to enhance the readers eye and play with various fonts. Here are their postings! hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them:) Thank you Paula for creating such a fun digital day of learning!