Thursday, January 26, 2012

iPads in the Classroom

One of my favorite sites for ipads in the classroom is Kathy Shrock's. I always find great resources here to use in the classroom and get tons of ideas on how to use ipads in the classroom.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Edmodo Wikispace

I love creating wikis! Here is a wiki that I created so that teachers would have an opportunity to share their ideas on how they are using Edmodo in the classroom. Edmodo has since exploded since their EdmdoCon Conference this past year. I am a member of Edmodo and here is how I use it in my classroom. Come join the Edmodo's FREE!

Tammy's Ready Made Templates

Tammy Worcester is one of my google expert genius'. Her templates are always at the top of my list, ready to use when ever I'm ready to create quizzes, small comprehension activities to go along with guided reading books and reinforce math skills throughout the year. Here's a closer


Plug Into Technology

I have the pleasure of working with some of the most talented teachers in Midlothian, Tx. One of my favorite resources I make sure to check each week is my friend Ann Witherspoon's blog. Her resources are great tools you can use in your classroom right away. Take a closer look at her blog.

50 More Ways To Use Technology In Your Classroom

Livebinders is one of my favorite web 2.0 tools that have helped me organize my favorite websites to use in the classroom. I created a livebinder that will help teachers have access to various websites to support their curriculum in all subject areas. I hope you find this helpful in implementing 21st century skills into your lessons. Here the the link to my livebinder. Please feel free to share with colleagues and staff!

Tammy's Tips

Our district had the honor and privilege to have Tammy Worcester as our quest speaker to jump start our summer technology camps. One of my favorite tips she has posted in the past is tip #104 which features google doc spreadsheets ready to be used for class quizzes. These templates will help save you time and effort. I use these templates to create my quizzes in spanish for my bilingual learners among other assignments as well. Her website is a FABULOUS resource for creating, connecting and collaborating! Be sure to visit her google doc templates ready with formulas to score all assignments!

K-12 Online Conference

What would I do without twitter? Recently I was granted the honor to present on the K-12 Online Conference on how I am using Edmodo in a 2nd grade bilingual classroom. So I wanted to invite you and your colleagues to take a look at some great online presentations that can spark your professional growth development to take back and share with your campus and administrators.

Catch Free

I am always looking and comparing what web tool to use when creating a new project or simply finding the right tool for a specific assignment. I was checking my twitter feed over the holidays and found another great resource that you can share with your staff and administrators.

The iSchool Initiative

The last few months have been really hard on public education....budget cuts, layoffs, larger classroom size and the list goes on and on. I could only wonder how this will impact our students education in the coming years and how technology will play a key role. I ran across a video that definitely caught my attention. Take a look and see if this could be a reality? I think it's here and I am really excited about it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

QR Codes in the Classroom

I was searching for new material for my 21st century classroom at the start of the school year. I discovered QR codes and how I can use them in my classroom as another way to integrate 21st century technology skills! I began reading some great Livebinders on QR codes and found a wealth of knowledge on these interesting creatures! My wheels began spinning again and I created my very own QR code using a QR code generator. I decided to use my code as an introduction to a few of my favorite things! I'm really excited about using QR codes as a tool that engages students in 21st century learning. Here is a link to my personal QR code that I created. I've also included some great sites where you can learn how other teachers are using them in their classrooms.

Facebook in Your Edmodo instead!

I stumbled across Edmodo a few years back and discovered the endless possibilities this free web 2.0 tool could bring to the classroom. I wondered what kind of impact this tool could have in my little feet began to swing back and forth very fast and I can honestly say that we have stumbled across a very cool interactive tool that I now use in my classroom on a weekly basis! Here is a video on how Edmodo can impact your classroom starting today!

Great Site for ELL/ESL/Bilingual Learners

I ran into a small problem this year of not having a tape player for my listening center in my classroom. Since I teach in a bilingual class, I was a bit sad. I began to search the internet of course and found the most WONDERFUL site for my students. This site is an online library in which students can listen to books in 3 different languages....English, French and Spanish. It does have a membership fee but I signed up for a 30 day trial. I plan to bookmark this site on all my computer stations, personal laptop and hope to be able to use until my tape player arrives. Here is a closer look into this amazing site:

Free Technology For Teachers

As an educator and technology facilitator, I am constantly looking for ways to engage my students in their learning. A couple of years ago, I ran into a website that soon became an addiction! Richard Byrne became that addiction. Here is a classroom teacher who has made the path for all educators to follow when it comes to engaging students. His level of knowledge in technology always seems to amaze me and never disappoints. His excitement for the use of technology in the classroom flows through the countless pages of resources he has acquired. I love, love, love this guy and hope you will too.

Tuned Out!

I recently listened to a webinar on Karen Hume's new book titled "Tuned Out" which gives administrators, teachers and those involved in education a real inside look on why students are "tuned out" when it comes to learning in our schools. I think this book is a must read for all educators who are changing the way our students are learning by engaging them in their learning. The link below will take you to the live session I heard through Steve Hargadon's Future of Education site which I am a member of. It can also be found on his Classroom 2.0 site as well.

How Students Are Changing Digital Media

During the Thanksgiving break, I came across a YouTube video that I had not seen yet. It came across from one of my tweets who I follow daily in the world of technology. As an educator, digital user and parents of digital users, I very quickly became interested in the change of shift in digital use by students, teachers and even today's parents. Our digital media world is taking all those who love communicating by ways other than talking on the phone in extra ordinary ways. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Here is the link below: