Saturday, October 27, 2012

Global Read Aloud 2012 Project!

The last few weeks, my students and I have been participating in the Global Read 2012 Project "The One and Only Ivan" in Edmodo, which was launched this October with tons of other classrooms from around the world. It has opened up doors unimaginable with the use of 21st century technology and mobile device learning. Here I will showcase projects that my students will create and share with other learners. Several of the projects lined up for this event will be persuasive writing, inferencing, character analysis and how that creates deep rooted feelings for the reader, all in google docs, habitat research on Asian elephants and the silverback gorilla and creating a habitat for these two animals, creating QR codes that will inform learners about these endangered species and participate in a google hangout with other classes who have also been part of this global project, using YouTube to show videos of these two main characters in the story, Ivan and Ruby, as a way to inform the learner about the real life situations with elephants and gorillas. We are still in the process of finishing up the book but my students have already began their learning. More to come as we explore the world of Ivan and Ruby!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Mimio Madness in 3rd Grade!

My students love all things technology so one of our favorite interactive white board activities is Lakeshore's Interactive white board games on CD's that I purchased with our campus budget funds. The students absolutely love these games and are great for ELL/ESL/BE learners because the vocabulary is rich. The CD's are available for all subject levels including reading comprehension, math, science and social studies. The games are set up to play in a variety of "teams setup" and can also be played on a laptop as well. I highly recommend these games if you are looking for some great interactive whiteboard games. Our campus has purchased mimio's, one per grade level, so that is also an option if you choose to go that route. This particular game was on of our objectives in science. 

Who's The Teacher Now?

Last year my students participated in their first Edmodo assignment which was to upload their profile picture in Edmodo. This year, my looping partner Mrs. White, came to me and asked me if my students could help her students load up their profile picture in their Edmodo account. I gladly said, "of course my kiddos can help your students". As I watched throughout the room, my students helping 2nd graders using technology skills beyond a normal 2nd grader, I couldn't help but realize the power of sharing that knowledge with other individuals who you know will benefit from it. It brought such a peaceful feeling and lots of smiles as I watched my students "teach" future generations what's ahead in their future. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interactive QR Code Bulletin

This year with our mobile device initiative, I decided to add an interactive QR code bulletin board that my students can rotate daily through our Daily 5 classroom schedule. The students scan the activity for the week as they learn how to use QR codes in math and other subject areas. When looking for activities, I refer to a website that I absolutely LOVE and that is Teachers Pay Teachers. Here, teachers can sign up for a free teacher account and find tons of activities that other teachers have created for FREE while other activities are priced at a very low price. Here is how my QR code bulletin board is set up in my classroom. 

Digital Citizenship Week!!

Wow....its been a crazy super six weeks. I haven't posted anything in several weeks but this past week was the most incredible week of my teaching experience. We celebrated "Digital Citizenship" week in my district as I discussed with students what it means to be a responsible digital citizen in today's connected world. So we began with the world of "twitter" and its language. We discussed why people posts, who they share with, what kinds of things to say when replying back to your followers. The students have really taken ownership of being connected with followers from around the globe. But the most exciting part of all that is that our very own principal Mr. Kyle Chambers is "following" our class @lackeysloopers! The students were very excited to share their learning with him and other followers in our district. I also introduced the students to a wonderful website as we began our Global Read 2012 on Edmodo (hashtag #glread2012) with other students from around the world. I showed them the book trailer on YouTube and then the students wrote their predictions on a sticky note and posted them to our anchor chart. We then went to the computer lab later in the week and posted them on our Wallwisher wall that I had created for the project. The students loved arranging each others comments and discovered some neat features! We celebrated the end of the week by creating our very own "digital footprint" along with a short video clip of all the apps that students visited throughout the week on our itouch's and ipad. It  truly was the best week of my teaching experience and I loved seeing the students engaged in their "digital learning"! Our first RT's came from our district webmaster Mr. Dennis King and our Director of Instructional Technology Mrs. Nancy Bergvall! We love our followers!