Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Learning the "How To's" Before the "I Do's"

As with any new program you start in your classroom or new procedures you begin after the holidays, when introducing new devices, I think one of the most important ways to get students responsible for these devices is to go over the procedures for the management of these tools. So the first week, I introduced an AUP policy document for the iPad to let students know their responsibility for this device. I translated the document in google docs to share with my parents along with our pilot district letter and had them sign and return it the next day. This holds them a little accountable for their iPad and teaches them some character traits about being a good digital citizen. I modeled each one of the rules for them and allowed for questions from the students. Once you set these procedures in place, then students will be more responsible for taking care of the device. I think this is SO important at the elementary level especially for students who have never held or seen a mobile device. Here is the AUP document I found on Pinterest for iPods and iPads. It may have also been shared as a public link on google docs.  You can find me on Pinterest under Martha Lackey and I have pinned it to all of my technology boards...21st Century Technologies, 1:1 Bilingual Classroom or Goodnight iPad.