Saturday, January 26, 2013

Setting Up Wallpaper on the First Week

So now that we have the ipads in our hands what do students do the first week? Since I only have 17 students in my class, the management of the devices may not be as difficult as in a class with multiple students. So after much discussion on how we were going to keep up with the ipads, we decided that taking our picture and using that as our wallpaper would be the way to identify each one if it were missing. This also was a great way to put 
students in groups when working on a project or "bumping" one ipad to another. I used the Doceri app to mirror my ipad on the big screen and the students watched as I showed them how to set their wallpaper. Most of them already knew how to do this because they had practiced it on our itouch's. Another great day of learning!