Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Landforms Continued....

Garage Band and Keynote

This is week 3 of Landforms and the students have started recording their voice in Garage Band. The workflow has been running pretty smoothly until a student discovered just a tiny bit of a hiccup. I was working with a small group at the teacher table when a student came up to me and said, "Mrs. Lackey we need to use some other type of app to be able to upload our recordings into Keynote?".  My response was "give me an example of what you mean?" He said, "we need to save the recordings in iMovie so that we can put them on our camera roll." He had discovered through his own personal learning that Garage Band will let you save a song in iMovie, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and share song via iTunes.  So he managed to show me what he had done and he was absolutely correct. He managed to send his recording to iMovie where he created a new project for each of his recordings. I at this point did not realize that iMovie was an app that would be needed for our project. So I told him to show the others what he had discovered and to "teach" them how to save their recordings in Garage Band and send to iMovie. I continued to work with my small group with the biggest grin on my face knowing that all was going to be well. The lesson learned here is that my students continue to surprise me each and everyday and that validates so many of the questions I ask myself one being "am I challenging my students in their learning?" The answer is THEY are challenging me and that is the reason I wake up every morning waiting to see what "new" learning they have in store for me!