Friday, April 26, 2013

Multicultural Goes Mobile

Working on a Title 1 campus brings such diversity in student culture. Each year, more and more students enroll from all over the world. We have many continents represented on my campus from the staff (bilingual teachers) to the students themselves. So we celebrate that diversity by learning about each others culture. This year for our Multicultural unit, my class chose to study the country of Ireland. Our ipads went mobile and the reflection from todays events took my breath away. We brainstormed a list of things that we could include on our "quilt" that we were going to piece together. So I assigned the task to my students and for the next hour and a half, I watched them in AWE as they used every resource I had taught them using their ipad. The conversations I heard and the collaboration I saw was MAGICAL! I saw students "chirping" out links to others who needed images, Doodle Buddy app in action, one student said "email" that image to Mrs. Lackey so she can print it out. I also heard, "that image is too big. You need to crop it before you save it to your camera roll". One student noticed how busy I was trying to "piece the quilt" that she took over my desktop computer and started printing the images the students had emailed me from my google account.

The Gmail interface was familiar to them because they check their email each Monday morning. Unbelievable and truly my most proudest moment in my 23 years of teaching. How is this possible in a 3rd grade bilingual classroom? It's possible because my students have taken "ownership" of their learning and they are fearless when it comes to technology learning! They continue to amaze me each and every day! Here are my students in action as they continue to pave the way for others to follow.