Monday, August 12, 2013

Learning Spaces Goes Mobile!

Its hard to imagine that summer is over and students will be returning to school soon. Some have already started their school year. My summer was filled with lots of professional development in technology. I attended my very first ISTE Conference in San Antonio, Texas and met many technology leaders that I am connected with via Twitter, Google + and Instagram. I also attended Edcamp Ft. Worth in Keller, Texas to continue my learning. I had several discussions with teachers and technology specialist on the topic of "learning spaces" and what that would look like at the primary level. I was inspired by the learning spaces I saw at this middle school. So this year, I am going out on a limb and for the first time in my educational career will not have desks or chairs in my classroom. My decision for implementing this type of learning came from the many discussions I had with teachers who have had success stories in their classrooms. My goals are to foster lots more collaboration between my students and have more student driven learning in this type of environment. In a 1:1 ipad classroom, students need to be able to "freely" engage in conversations that will foster a deeper level of thinking without the constraints of a desk or chair. I wanted to create a safe and secure environment that would foster this kind of learning and begin building a relationship of "trust" between teacher and student. This year I will be in 2nd grade and then loop up with my students to 3rd the following year. Here is a sneek peek of my classroom and my new "learning spaces". I am really excited and hope to share my success stories as well. Please feel free to share or comment your success stories.