Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Leading Learning Organization

As a teacher and technology liaison in my district, I constantly am asking myself, "how am I making a difference in students learning?" Am I designing innovative lessons that will drive student learning and collaboration?" "Do my students take risks in their learning in this fast paced digital age?" I am proud to say that the district I am a part of allows for this kind of learning to take place. Midlothian ISD and its leaders strongly believe that we are striving to be The Leading Learning Organization in the Nation in the field of technology. Our superintendent Dr. Jerome Stewart shared with me four key points that are critical to innovative learning:

  • The Project Launch Initiative- leap into 21st Century Learning that uses the practical experiences of teacher volunteers to "transform" classrooms into technology-rich learning environments and where teachers can "dream big and have fun"
  • Another Project Launch (still in the early stages) where BYOD is the focus for tools to create a 21st Century Learning environment. Again, teacher volunteers and their students teaching the district what works and what does not work
  • Staying true to our vision and striving to be The Leading Learning Organization where technology is not the destination but one tool on that learning journey
  • The district expectations for innovative learning in the classroom and what that might look like at all grade levels. With innovation comes successes and failures where students and teachers learn from those experiences
At the campus level, my principal Kyle Chambers has a few innovative ways that positively will affect our students and parents communication this next school year. One way he is leading our district into this digital age learning is by having his staff use +Remind101 as a tool to effectively push vital campus/teacher information out to our parents. He shared with me these words, "as a leader in education, you have to evolve with this digital age world and that requires continuous learning". Texting is the quickest and most efficient way to connect with others. This tool will allow our parents to receive classroom information one way and bridge the communication gap with our community. Teachers can reinforce staying connected in @remind101 to help reduce that gap in communication. I am very excited about the new and innovative ways our leaders in our district have shared with me for this next 2013-2014 school year. Midlothian ISD will continue on this journey to be The Leading Learning Organization in the Nation!

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