Monday, October 28, 2013

The Many Roles of the Technology Specialist

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What role do our district technology specialist play? I can say that my classroom is a more productive place where learning is taking on a new dimension. Our technology specialist play such a vital role in the area of integrating technology in a teachers lesson. They also provide professional development during and after school to teachers on campus. They continue their countless hours working on projects for teachers at home (I'm one of those teachers) who are beginning a new project in their class that next week. The list goes on an on. When I get ready to plan what I call a "big project" Ann Witherspoon becomes part of that process. We begin our planning either by phone or by email and discuss what our time frame will be. These specialist are always ready at a moments notice. Their professional development is vital to our learning as the use of mobile devices become a part of our curriculum. There is never enough time for these "technology projects" to be completed or even started in a classroom that already has a jammed packed schedule of learning! My students have loved working with Ann and look forward to her visit each week because they know that they are in for a special treat. Some projects may take 2-3 weeks and that's ok. But the process of how that project will be executed is what I get excited about and the learning from both student and teacher. There will be hiccups along the way but working together as a team can help problem solve whatever issues may have been encountered along the way. Our technology specialist are so important not only to staff and administrators but to our students who will benefit the most as they learn the many wonders of this digital world. I am thankful for their knowledge and their commitment to our students in preparing them for the 21st century! I also have to salute Mrs. Melissa Bartlett and Mrs. Barbara Mikulecky our other two specialist who are part of the team. Here Ann is working with my boys on our big dinosaur project using the app Explain Everything. Students are downloading slides from a file that Ann shared with my class to their google drive. Examples of the finished project will be posted here. We can't wait to share our project with you soon!