Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Digital Projects

Wow...the holidays are upon us and my students have been so busy creating digital projects for Santa to see before Christmas! The next few posts on my blog will be centered around a holiday theme of our favorite apps that we love to use in our classroom. One of our favorite apps is "Explain Everything". This app has so many features that let students be creative in their own way. The lesson I chose for this particular project was in Language Arts and how to sequence events in a story. Here is the lesson workflow:

  • Teacher read book titled "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell"
  • Teacher and students created a thinking map together of the events in the story on manila paper (can also create a flow map in Popplet Lite)
  • Students used Draw Free app to illustrate pictures
  • Students took a screen shot of each picture to save to their camera roll
  • Students opened Explain Everything app and uploaded each picture to a new slide
  • Students began typing words on each slide or they could write it (they love to type though) discovered how to lock pictures and text during this process
  • After all text was completed, I pulled each student aside to begin recording each of their slides (this will be timely so be prepared)
  • I had them upload their saved project to their Google Drive from Explain Everything(must be opened in order to do this or signed into account)
  • They exported their project to the camera roll as a movie from app
  • They shared their project with teacher by email (also from the app)
  • Teacher uploaded each project to her YouTube channel to post on all social media platforms
Here are a few student samples for you to enjoy! Once again, this app continues to be a classroom favorite. Please feel free to leave comments for our students and parents to read.