Monday, March 25, 2013

The Flip Class Model With Brainpop Jr.

Brainpop Jr. and the Flip Class Model...Maximizing Instructional Time

Each time science and social studies comes around in my lesson planning, Brainpop Jr. always come to the rescue! How do I use Brainpop Jr. in a flip class model? Several weeks back, we learned all about Civil Rights Heroes in Social Studies and what they contributed to our nations history. Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. are a just a few we had discussed . Each week, I send out a gmail to my students letting them know what we will be learning in each subject that week. So, I had the students watch the video on their ipads on Rosa Parks before we started the lesson in social studies. After they came back from recess, we were ready to discuss her works. I had shaved off about 20 minutes of instructional time because they had watched the video before going out to recess. They began to complete their assignment on Rosa Parks independently and after they finished the assignment, they took the easy electronic quiz on Brainpop Jr. and I got an instant grade on their quiz. I walked around with my ipad and entered their grade in Powerschool. The seamless integration of mobile device learning and harnessing the power of a flip model lesson saved me lots of instructional time. But the greatest realization was that the flip model lesson is a great example of how teachers can maximize classroom instruction effectively and for students to take ownership of their learning without me instructing all the time. 

Harnessing the Power of Gmail

Gmail in a 1:1 iPad Classroom           

Last week I came across an idea from a colleague of mine who works on another campus on how she was "harnessing the power" of gmail in a 1:1 ipad classroom. I decided to try it out in my classroom and it has changed how I manage my time more effectively when it comes to instruction. I sit down each Sunday afternoon and look at what I'm teaching that week and begin to gather all my resources. Every Monday morning after announcements have been read by my principal, my students get their ipads, open their gmail account and begin reading the days schedule. I give them a short time to ask questions about the days activities or questions about the apps they will be using. They begin their assignments and I begin my small group instruction immediately. If they have any questions, they must C3B4Me classmates as to not interfere with my small groups. There are many savvy experts in my class who always come to the rescue and they love helping others. Here is a sample email I send out on Sunday night or early that Monday morning! Thank you Deanna Edminster for this wonderful idea. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

TodaysMeet...Another Way to Share in Real Time

Each week, I try to introduce the students to new tools for collaborating and sharing in real time. One of those tools is TodaysMeet. I have been reading Bryan Chicks's book series The Secret Zoo. I have read all three books in this series and I am reading the final book before they go off to 4th grade. TodaysMeet has helped my students analyze characters, summarize paragraphs, identify cause and effect in certain situations and deepen vocabulary in math and science. This was the first time that they had used TodaysMeet using their ipad. Not only did they like it, they LOVED it! One of my students replied, "this is just like texting Mrs. Lackey and its so much fun". I had the projector on so they could read the feed on the big screen. I decided to turn it off. I typed a silly question for them to answer mentioning certain students in my question. It was so much fun to see them turning around  looking at each other giggling from ear to ear as they kept reading the feed on their ipad. Needless to say, it was a big hit and I will continue to use TodaysMeet in other subject areas like math and science to strengthen their spelling and writing skills.

Annotations in Math

Screen Chomp App in Math

One of my favorite app that my students are using in math is Screen Chomp. They had already been familiar with it in their math station rotations but I decided to bump it up a level by having them use the app for annotations. We had been studying 2D and 3D shapes in math so I let the students go on a 2D-3D scavenger hunt in my classroom. The students were to find examples of 2D and 3D shapes in my room and use Screen Chomp to annotate their shapes. ELL/Bilingual learners need lots of visuals to help them with their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the concept being learned. Here are a few snippets of some of those scavenger hunts! We love Screen Chomp and use it daily in math and science to enrich our vocabulary!