Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Six Flags Read to Succeed Kickoff

How can a squishy, soft pillow and a blanket make all the difference when reading in your classroom? Today, we celebrated our Six Flags Read to Succeed Program by asking students to bring a pillow and blanket to class to celebrate the "joy" of reading. I began by sharing stories of my childhood days when I would ask my mom for some sheets to make a fort out of our breakfast table or read under my bed with a flashlight or crawl in the bathtub with a pillow. These were and still are fond memories of my childhood reading experiences. I wanted my students to begin creating their own reading experiences at home by choosing a happy, fun place to read. Bringing the joy back in reading can be difficult these days with all the gadgets and play stations kids have today. So the students took out their blankets, pillows and iPads (used for a timer only) and set their timers for 30 minutes. I introduced a new app called "Sandtimer" and the students were so excited to begin their reading. I sat there and watched as my students were reading with such calmness and joy! An act so small but yet so grand can make all the difference in the world to a child! This brought such joy to my heart as I quickly remembered my childhood memories of reading and why I still love to open a book or an iPad to read. Are you creating life learning experiences for your students that they will always remember in your class? After all, "are we not reading to succeed?"