Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Student Digital Portfolios Using Google Drive

What kinds of digital lessons can I create that allow my students to work in the cloud? Google Drive has been a HUGE game changer in the transformation of a "traditional" classroom into a 21st century "digital" classroom. In my district, we use Thinking Maps as visual graphic organizers where students can visually organize their thoughts across all content areas. So I had one of our district technology specialist create the various thinking maps we use in the classroom in PowerPoint and saved them as jpeg files. She then loaded them into a google presentation as backgrounds for the slides so they would not be able to move around on the students. A spreadsheet in google drive was created for both Math and ELA portfolios with the students first initial and last name. The spreadsheet was shared with me so that I can edit and view student products once created. The students duplicate each of the slides so that a new slide is always ready for them to work on before working on a map. This allows my students to have a digital portfolio where they can store all content in one place. This is a great way for students to begin learning how "working in the cloud" can be a great benefit to their learning and be able to have access to their work anytime. Here is a peek into what that looks like.