Saturday, January 11, 2014

Subtext in the Primary Classroom

Coming back from a two week vacation and getting back into a routine can be quite challenging. But I have to say that this past week was the most amazing week of learning for me and my students. One of my goals this year was to learn how to access our online reading adoption materials through Think Central onto our iPads to be able to use them in guided reading groups. I discovered Subtext and how to utilize this powerful app in my classroom. I had one of our district technologist specialist create student accounts so that students would be able to read their stories on their iPad. So my job was to assign each reading group their first book to read. The power of this app comes alive by the many ways the book can be opened. This is what got me excited! So I began to explore the app on my iPad by downloading a book to see how students were going to access their book. The download was successful as I opened it in Movenote, Explain Everything, AdobeReader, Edmodo, GoogleDrive, iBooks, Evernote, Knowmia just to name a few. I searched for lesson ideas on YouTube and found a great tutorial on the EdReach Radio show for using this app especially at the primary level. My students can now access their guided reading book electronically to read in guided reading groups and annotate vocabulary words, look for context clues, identify character traits and so much more in other apps like AdobeReader, record themselves reading the book in Explain Everything and Movenote which takes a video of them reading out loud. Students can now listen to themselves read to help build fluency. I am so excited to see how this app will help my students become better readers with a digital twist! Here are the steps to setting it up in your classroom:
  • Student accounts and password were created by technology specialist (a printed list of student accounts is helpful when students forget their login information teacher can login students)
  • Technology specialist added Think Central to the home screen on each of the student iPads for a student login page
  • Subtext app was downloaded to each of the student iPads
  • Classroom teacher can create a class group for students to join for whole group lessons so students can reply to discussions
  • I brought several students to the teacher table at a time to join my class group created (great way to use in chapter book read aloud discussions)
  • Teacher MUST assign books prior to lesson in Think Central for student access (groups must be created in Think Central to keep up with each group)
  • Students login to Think Central, open their book in Subtext or whatever app teacher plans to use for the lesson taught that day
My goal is to use this app to help develop vocabulary development, fluency and reading comprehension skills in all my students. I am really excited about this app and hope to post more information on student progress. If you have any lesson ideas or if you are using this app in your classroom, please feel free to share your learning by leaving a comment.

Here is the video on YouTube from the EdReach Radio Show: