Saturday, April 12, 2014

FaceTalk App

Wow oh wow!! Spring has arrived and it has been a busy two weeks in my classroom and in my personal life as TRI season and summer running have arrived!! Spring brings lots of new learning and we have discovered a new app that continues to help my students with their fluency in English. We have been learning about area in math and how to find the total square units of a shape. The students created their very own robot on graph paper and decorated it. They had to add the total number of square units that their robot equaled. I let the students work in groups to help those that may have needed some help. They took a screen shot of their robot with their iPad and uploaded it to the app @Facetalk.  If you haven't explored this app, you will quickly notice the students having fun with it. It allows you to choose a mouth to place (drag) over your photo's face so that it looks as if your person or animal is talking! The students record their voice and it creates a video of your person or animal talking! This is great for developing fluency or vocabulary for ELL learners! The app allows the student to email the short video to their teacher where you can export to various social media platforms! I uploaded the videos to my class YouTube Channel for parents to visit as well as our class Twitter account. Next week, the students will be learning about the Rainforest and they will be choosing their favorite rainforest animal to research. We will be using the FaceTalk app as students share facts about their animal. I love this app and have lots of ideas on how to use across the subject areas! Be sure to check it out or share ideas on how your class has used it. Here are a few videos that were created by my students.