Sunday, July 13, 2014

Change Is Empowering

      A recent post on my blog titled "Summer Blessings" recaps my summer activities thus far. I talk about my growth as an educator both professionally and personally and the many ways that can happen. My principal +Kyle Chambers  gave us our summer book to read titled "One Word" and I started thinking about what kinds of "changes" were going to take place in my classroom this next school year and how I was going to keep changing and growing as an educator. The word "change" is uncomfortable for most. It brings "unsureness" of what lies ahead. It creates anxiety, fear, less motivation to try new things, peer learning resistance and collaboration but that word has a POWERFUL message when you think about it! So during my long runs (long distance runner) I thought about our campus "one word" which is "empower" and I decided to begin by changing the name of my blog to reflect our campus "one word" so that it has a greater purpose for students, parents and our community! It's a word that all learners can embrace no matter their background or life experiences. But those changes must be reflected through all my social media platforms such as +Twitter+Instagram+Pinterest , +LinkedIn and +Google+. I'm sure there are others but these are the ones I check on a weekly basis. 
     To "empower" students learning, you must "change" the way learning occurs in the classroom so that students begin to embrace and inspire others in their creative thinking process and share their learning on a global scale. I challenge all educators and administrators to find their "one word" so that you also may be empowered to change in some small way! I thank my principal +Kyle Chambers for putting this book in my hands and continue to be a positive influence on my campus for students, teachers and parents. I highly recommend reading it as he "empowers" his staff to make this next school year the best one yet!! So the name of my blog will now reflect my campus' purpose for this next school year, "Infusing Technology To Empower All Learners" and look forward to a great 2014-15 school year!