Monday, August 11, 2014

Grab A Seat...Let's Get This Digital Learning Started!


     Its August and yes that "back to school" mind set is here in full force! As the summer comes to an end and your mind is filled with new ideas from books that you may have read, classroom designing trends you have seen and new curriculum at the forefront of it all, I still get excited about welcoming my students on the first day! School is just two weeks away and I can't wait to see my students and hear all about their summer. This year, I have added lots more maker spaces in my classroom, some new furniture added to our spaces and a few surprises as well. 
     Last year, I did not have desks and chairs in my classroom and my students LOVED having that kind of freedom! So at the end of last year, I had to pack my entire classroom and move to a different hallway. This allowed for me to think about how I would design my room to meet the needs of my students in a 1:1 iPad environment. I love the design process and I'm anxious to hear the feedback from my students when they enter my classroom on that first day. They will be given the opportunity to change anything that may fit their needs more effectively. Though these are returning students I had last year, I still want to be able to give them those opportunities to share their thoughts with me. After all, this IS their classroom where creative thinking and designing will be taking place all year long. So a few of my followers wanted me to post pictures of the design process. I still have a few more pieces of furniture to add, Hokki Stools coming in October from our first project that was funded and can't wait for my students to use them and get our learning on! Here is a glimpse into my classroom and the new maker spaces I have created throughout the room for more collaboration and shared learning between my students and connected classrooms around the world! I will post my final design floor plan next week with a short video describing each space. Happy designing!

 My favorite space....Big Joe Cafe
(chairs bought at Walmart and are called Big Joe's, come in many styles and colors, as well as black coffee tables; leather ottoman was bought from a friend. Chairs are like bean bags and can easily move around as needed

Picnic table was a gift from one of my parent volunteers and totally LOVE IT!!!

 Student collaborative space with dry erase board where students can use to write down their thinking strategies, questions, workflow using a certain app, etc. This is more of a "Think Tank" space for student lesson designing. Chairs will be replaced with our new Hokki Stools coming in October...yipee!!!!

Teacher table right in the center of room towards the back for small group math and reading instruction. I have a great view of all maker spaces in my classroom. Chairs will be replaced with stools bought from JoAnn's Fabric (not pictured yet)

Another maker space where students can work and share collaboratively with each other. iPad cart will be stationed next to table. A small mobile dry erase board (not pictured) will be handy for students to use for lesson designing and thinking