Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kookie over Kahoots

As an educator in a 3rd grade bilingual classroom, I am always looking for ways to engage my students on a different level and integrate a little technology to level the playing field. Learning multiplication facts in 3rd grade is a math skill that takes practice and drill. In my classroom, using Kahoot on our iPads makes learning a little bit more engaging. The students love it and the energy levels are high filled with excitement. This web application tool allows students to learn content in many subject areas. I have used it as a way to formally assess my students in various subjects. It is a great tool for formal assessment and or can be used as an exit ticket to a particular topic students are learning in their classroom. I love the user friendly features on the teacher dashboard that allows teachers to create their quizzes, discussions, and surveys. 

The other feature I love is the many languages that are available when creating your Kahoots. More and more students from other countries are entering our classrooms and need their content in their native language. So this allows me to have access to the many languages available in Kahoot. I have used this web tool in science as well and now heavily moving into the Language Arts/Reading subject and the "discussion" feature to assess my students on various reading objectives with our novel studies. 

Another great feature is the availability to search for Kahoots that have already been created by other educators per grade level. Just simply type in the search box the content you are studying and see what others have created. You can duplicate the Kahoot and edit and make it your own. The teacher dashboard saves all your Kahoots that you create for you to access from year to year. You can go back and modify them at any time. You can also make each one private or public and share with others various social media platforms. Lots of great features and a great tool to use in any classroom. Give it a try and create your own free teacher account.