Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another Digital Success Journey

Letting Go.... 

It is always bitter sweet when I have to let go of a group of students I have had for two years. Not only do I let go of them but I also have to say goodbye to the parents who I have bonded with these last two years and who have supported our learning. This group was special though. They were my first group of students who used various digital tools for two solid years mostly the iPad and chrome books. What did I discover that I had not seen with the last group? A richly developed digital language that pushed them further than I had imagined and a love for what it means to be a "digital native". They explored places that I did not imagine on their own and some with the help of others pushing them along their journey and teaching others how to get there. As a bilingual instructor, this brings me such joy and an affirmation that "creative thinking" and " "self directed learning" take students beyond their capabilities. I saw myself as a "facilitator of learning" not a teacher instructing her students what to do next. Their digital skills surprised me in most cases which proved that "self discovery learning " is what I need to foster and support in my career as an educator. I trusted my students and let go of that "teacher control" and the results were clear. They achieved great success with little instruction and they learned how to think independently when creating digital products. There were many times when I learned from discoveries and lots of aha moments! Their joy of learning brought many happy moments in our classroom but mostly a love for one another that will always stay with me as they continue in their education and discovering their "own voices". I am so very proud of their accomplishments. They showed me that trusting them and loving them would be our greatest success and they were right. I am so excited for the next two years and new ideas that I already have planned. My PLN has made a huge impact on my learning and I appreciate the friendships I have made these past few years. I keep them close and am looking forward to their partnerships. My students matter and they will always matter in my heart! Their "voices" will carry them to their next destination as they say..."let me show you how".