Friday, January 1, 2016

What Will Be Different This New Year?

The Same Old Song and Dance

Most people will begin their new year by writing down goals they want to accomplish, changing bad habits into better habits and eating and living a healthier life style. Yes, I have actually done the same thing. But how many of us have actually sat down to reflect where we are right now this very moment both professionally and personally? It is hard when you feel like you are going 100 miles an hour in all sorts of directions. So let us sit down together for just a brief moment, for those moments are rare, and reflect on God's goodness and blessings. 

The Things That I Love the Most

I love to read and write! Reading takes me to places I dream of both professionally and personally. You may catch me crying, laughing or just simply meditating in God's word. I have always been a reader but the funny thing is that I was not a reader in school. I read books because they had to be read not for pleasure or anything else. I did not have teachers who modeled reading so I had to create my own experiences and find my favorite authors and genres all throughout my college days! I am so thankful I did. I had discovered my purpose in life....become an educator, a reader and a writer!

So lets talk about writing. Most students and adults I know do not actually like to write. Why? Writing is a craft that takes lots of practice and not to mention time. I actually began falling in love with the craft of writing when I began blogging about my students successes and failures in my classroom. It is why I created this blog in the first place. It has opened so many doors both professionally and personally and has allowed me to continue growing in education. On a personal level, it has allowed to me share my story and journey of my triathlon training this past year. My struggles and successes are all documented so that one day I may pay it forward and share with others. The professional books I have read and staying connected with fellow leaders in education have given me a profound purpose in having a growth mindset. The things I have learned this past year have been incredible and so blessed by these leaders and teachers in education, both locally and globally, for sharing their classroom stories on blogs and their books.

So What Will Be Different This Year?

September 21st, 2015 the day I was diagnosed with breast world had changed in a split second. We all cringe when we hear those words including myself. The thoughts and "what if's" and restlessness begin to consume you day and night. You find yourself spinning in circles wondering when it will all be over. Your life is no longer your own so what happens now? God is so good all the time and I know that he does not give us trials in our lives that we can not handle. This has been part of God's plan for me from the beginning. My mom a 25 year survivor and so many dear and close friends who have passed and conquered are my inspiration for hope and a prosperous new year. This disease that has become so "common" in today's society attacks the deepest part of your soul and breaks you to pieces. But it WILL NOT break me! It will challenge your faith to the deepest core and have you asking questions that only you can answer. I have learned much about this disease and still learning! My family has been there every step of the way. They give me hope for life and I'm stronger by that hope and love. 

My"one word" for the 2015-16 school year was "purpose". I get goose bumps just saying it. How ironic but yet so relevant to my life today. I pray that I may serve others before me, mentor to those who are survivors and those who will be diagnosed this coming year. This is why I share my story so that others may be inspired by hope, faith and God's love and mercy for us. Each and every one of you, family and friends, are a blessing to me. You have inspired me to not be afraid both professionally and personally and to love deeply. I will continue to read and write for this is part of my purpose. I am confident that God's goodness and blessings will carry me through the finish line, my greatest race of all. That is what will be different for me this coming year. May 2016 be your greatest year of great things to come.