Monday, February 22, 2016

TCEA 2016...My Take Aways This Year

The First Few Days...TCEA 2016

Its always exciting when you are given the opportunity to attend one of the largest Technology Conferences in Texas. The Texas Computer Educator Association ( TCEA ) is that conference for me. This year I had the opportunity to Keynote at the  ELL/ESL Academy for Teachers, Principals and other Educational Leaders from all over the country. What an honor it was to be speaking and representing my school district of Midlothian ISD for my first Keynote. The energy when you arrive is contagious and makes you feel "alive" as soon as you walk into the conference center. You arrive early on that first day so that you can get checked in and get settled into your hotel room. By the second day of the week, the mass crowds begin to arrive and the energy seems to multiply immediately. You begin to notice how "connected" everyone is to their smartphones, laptop, iPad, etc. It gets you excited and you begin to feel the energy surround you as you walk through the long halls. It was going to be an exciting week! 

Connecting With Others

Each time I attend TCEA, I begin to look for my fellow connected educators on Twitter who will be attending the conference. We have already tweeted each other prior to the conference in regards to our stay there finding out what sessions we would all attend and hotels we were staying. Being a connected educator, has given me the privilege of connecting with the most AMAZING leaders in education today on a global scale. Not only do I love getting to spend time with them but also love meeting new educators as well. Our dinner conversations begin to evolve and take us to familiar places that lead to great discussions of student learning. I love learning new ideas, practices that work, those that do not. It is a time of conversing in meaningful topics, especially technology practices and what we as educators can do to make learning relevant for students. I did get the opportunity to connect with new educators and leaders who are making a difference in education today. One of those leaders was +Eric Sheninger who's book Digital Leadership Changing Paradigms for Changing Times has impacted my learning, thinking and teaching in my classroom. Another great and former Waxahachie, Texas educator, now an Instructional Tech Specialist for Elign ISD was +Patrick Reid . Patrick and I connected immediately in Waxahachie, Texas sharing similar ideas for innovative learning in the classroom. I was so excited to finally meet him in person, a genuine and great guy and great friend. There were others of course who I had met before like the incredible +Kasey Bell  +rafranz davis and +George Couros who I did not get the chance to meet in person but did have my book signed thanks to Patrick who graciously made this happen. These opportunities are rare and so exciting for me as a classroom teacher. Being connected continues to be a huge part of my learning and has allowed me to grow in so many areas of my teaching. What an exciting place to be in my career.

Patrick Reid

Kasey Bell

Eric Sheninger

Principals Making a Difference

My Keynote Reflections

Being able to reflect on all aspects of my learning, teaching and best practices, has allowed me to share my educational story with educators from all over the world. This year I would present my first Keynote at TCEA titled, "How Big Is Your Brave?" The Real Truth About Teaching in An ESL/ELL Classroom. If you have never presented a keynote, let me just say, the preparation months before takes on a whole new level of thinking and planning. I reached out to several of my technology specialist in my district asking them for guidance in the design process of a keynote. The topic I chose would tell the story of how I transformed my classroom into a "digital hub" by redesigning it to meet the needs of my ELL learners using mobile devices. My goal: to inspire teachers, principals, and other leaders of education to step out of their comfort zone and make magic happen in their classrooms. I wanted to be real, honest, have fun and inspire others throughout the presentation. I began presenting and the next thing I know, my time had come to an end. At the end of the presentation, I challenged the crowd to come out of their comfort zone where the real magic happens and we began dancing around the tables. It was incredible and the energy was amazing. The entire ballroom stood up and sang to Sara Bareilles video...Brave. My keynote was a success and I had had the best time of my life. I will remember this day forever and will cherish the many connections that came from this experience. My challenge was not easy for some but TOGETHER we had realized one thing, it takes courage to make real magic happen but the rewards would conquer all fears in the end. Real learning does not happen in comfort zones!