Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MISD Proud....Why Not?

Student learning in Midlothian ISD has been given a new look...a little facelift so to speak. This years theme has me thinking about learning and its new challenges. It has me thinking about ways I will guide my students in their learning this year, move in a direction where they will continue to be empowered by sharing their story and taking ownership of their learning. They will be MISD Proud!

Each summer I take time to reflect back on the previous year of the learning that my students were a part of. I begin to dissect what worked, what didn't and what needs to be changed for a better learning experience. Technology continues to play a key role in that learning. I continue to stay connected with the latest tech trends and my PLN who inspires me to push forward. I stand at my door every morning greeting those little faces as they enter my classroom with an eagerness to learn. How can I not be MISD Proud? 

This year my students will begin their blogging adventure as they will share their learning on a global scale. I myself love to blog so I am hoping that my stories will inspire my students to create a digital portfolio of life lessons in learning. My goal is for my students to feel empowered when they share their stories and make personal connections with others or themselves on a global scale. They will be MISD Proud!

So where do we start? We start with a vision, thinking BIG, outside the walls of our classroom. Who will our audience be? How will we connect with them? What kinds of connections will we make? Will they help our learning? These are just a few of the questions that I have been pondering over this past summer. I get excited just thinking about it. Technology will connect us to the outside world and bring in the learning and the motivation to continue to be life long learners. Lackeys loopers are ready for another year of digital learning...we will be MISD Proud, why not?