Sunday, October 2, 2016

Let's Blog Away in 3rd Grade

Yes we are off to new adventures and my 3rd grade bilingual students have started their blogging journey. They will be blogging all about their learning and anything else they feel passionate about. I began thinking about this process back in the summer and how I could bring life to my students journaling. 

I myself love to blog so I shared a few of my posts to my students and they began to get excited about having their own blog. So, I had one of our technologist specialist in the district help me set up each of the students blog page. I decided to use Blogger as the platform for sharing their stories. My goal is to bring a love of writing back into the classroom and to share their stories with their family and friends. 

The process to set up their blogs took a about an hour in our computer lab and the students are now able to post on their iPads in the classroom. The website is bookmarked on to their home screen and all they do is sign in. It takes some time to go through the process of posting and sharing the tips and tricks with the students but this can be set up in small groups. I took groups of 4 and showed each student how to multitask between their google drive and blogger, upload and get a link for their picture and add that to their post. I continue to be amazed how quickly they pick up on the various tasks but year 2 brings lots of learning as the students begin to transition to the English language. Technology helps students transition a lot quicker in their thinking and in their conversations. I am so excited about my students blogging this year and hope to connect with other 3rd graders outside these walls...Midlothian ISD bilingual 3rd graders are blogging, why not?